Nový prísun hier od Pragmatic Play a Quickspin

October 14, 2017

We did not even go, summer is gone, and our autumn landscape is now in full swing. With the change of weather outside, games in online casinos also change, and they are no longer games with summer motif, coolness, seas, beaches and beaches, and fashion.

This gives a very large selection of themes, but at this time of year, the players are the most likely to go after magical games, and later they are looking for a little scary. It is also seen in the games that are currently being played in the casinos, for the reason that almost all publishers have let themselves go along with this trend and devote all their attention to these themes. Not that no one played those summer games anymore, but their popularity has fallen sharply during this period.

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Control elements in the magic world of Wild Spells

The first of two new games in  online casinos is a game from a well-known publisher, Pragmatic Play, which has a remarkable number of titles on its account and is also a guarantee of quality for each player. Their new act is called Wild Spells, and is a perfect reflection of its title – you can find magic books, witches, spells, and everything that your fantasy can invent. So let her down and immerse yourself in the magic environment you find in this game. It is therefore intended for all lovers of magic and everything associated with them, so do not be afraid to return to childhood and accept that it works in this world.


The slot machine slot is a classic, and therefore 5 rolls with 3 lines, with up to 25 winning combinations. The game is exceptional with its massive jackpots, which should appeal to more players. There are up to 3 in the game, namely the Minor, Major Grand Jackpot. As part of the game that will surely please every player, there are also free spins that can be won during the game, so you can make it completely free, hoping to win this way too. If you are interested in winning the Grand Jackpot, you have to meet a few requirements, but if you do all of this, a huge reward is only yours.

A world full of beauty in Fairy Gate by Quickspin

Druhou hrou je nový titul od vydavateľa Quickspin, ktorý má v poslednej dobe obzvlášť populárne hry, a Fairy Gate má tiež našliapnuté týmto smerom. V hre nájdete obdobné rozloženie ako v prvom prípade, a to práve 5 valcov, a na každom sa nachádzajú 3 riadky. Táto hra je vytvorená v HTML5, čo je najnovšia technológia vývoju hier, ktorá sa dokáže bez problémov prispôsobiť hocakému zariadeniu, či už je to počítač, tablet alebo mobil. Na prvý pohľad je téma dosť podobná hre od prvého vydavateľa, a tak je určená tej istej skupine hráčov.

Čary a kúzla ako téma hracích automatov

Sometimes it is necessary to fall out of reality and to plunge into the magical world where everything is possible. This is why games with this theme in online casinos are so popular because players enjoy the game and also carry their regular dose of adrenaline they desire.

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