Vďaka hre Mega Moolah poznáme ďalšieho milionára

October 22, 2017

The most exciting parts of gambling at online casinos include unparalleled jackpots. From the very beginning of gambling as we know it, the jackpots were the dream of every player who represented a sort of fiction.

Today we have a large number of jackpots, but the most popular are the progressive jackpots, which are gradually growing and no one knows when they will fall. Therefore, it is no surprise for progressive jackpots that players will win even several million Euros. Jackpot games are popular among all types of players, so whether they are more experienced players or full newcomers, each of them has at least once experienced luck in this type of game. Can you imagine that such a huge jackpot will fall to you, and you could only rest on your own private island by the end of your life? The idea is definitely beautiful, so we’ll talk about another such lucky person.

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Which Jackpot has been dropped on Mega Moolah now?

This online gambling game is well known thanks to the great prize that players have been able to win. This year is the second highest jackpot, as in April the player who played on his mobile device managed to win a gigantic jackpot of up to € 8 million. The current jackpot has come close to this amount, as it was worth more than € 7.7 million – if you cared exactly, it was € 7,742,015. One and the other are for us ordinary mortals something unimaginable. In turn, this is the 5 highest jackpot that one player could win from a well-known Microgaming publisher. Therefore, no doubt it is a beautiful sum.

Microgaming is alive

The publisher of Microgaming is not a fan of presents because it is one of the top publishers currently on the scene. There are plenty of popular games on it that make joy to thousands of players every single day. Mega Moolah is probably their most popular progressive slot machine , because it has been able to make a few millionaires in its lifetime. So players are constantly testing their luck in this game and they hope that it will come out and they will win such a huge sum. It’s already a rule that every couple of months one lucky person will get as big winnings as he is right now.

It’s no coincidence that such a high jackpot is in the game from the Microgaming publisher. This publisher was particularly famous for the type of progressive jackpot games and made it really accurate. It is questionable whether this type of gaming machines has become popular because the Microgaming publisher has been quite specific to it, or it was one with the other. Anyway, this company was able to make the most of the time of great popularity and to make a profitable profit.

The rise in popularity is certain

After reporting on the next jackpot in Mega Moolah, it’s more than certain that players will also want such a joy, and so they will be constantly testing it in this game. Whether they can do it will show time.

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