Veľká dohoda pre Lightning Box s Microgaming

October 24, 2017

It’s not so often that we see an agreement between two big companies on the online gaming scene that can change many things in the industry. It is true that agreements between online game publishers and casinos are seen quite often, and it is already a rule that is usually advantageous for both parties.

These collaborations are beneficial to publishers who have the opportunity to deliver their works to a larger audience, as well as to online casinos, which offer their customers a chance to expand once more. The good result of this comes from players who have the chance to try something new in their online casino, but they are not even forced to do so. When you think about it, it is precisely these collaborations and agreements that are basically shaping the online gambling market as we know it.

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Unusual type of collaboration

Although in many cases it works so as to directly co-operate online casinos with publishers, it has recently appeared on the scene a kind of middle article that provides benefits for both parties. On the one hand, it is a great opportunity for small publishers, who do not really have a lot to do when they are in great competition. You do not even know how difficult it is to take in even the smaller casinos that would of course have longed for big and world names that would guarantee them an increase in popularity. On the other hand, smaller casinos have usually problems with the establishment and closure of the initial co-operation, because publishers would prefer to offer their titles in the casinos where they will pay off.

It acts like a vicious circle, and that is the reason for the advice coming from the aforementioned intermediate, whose job is to help these smaller publishers and companies. The help lies in the fact that small publishers can easily co-operate with it, while at the same time they can also reach smaller casinos. The tax for this mediation is usually a small percentage of all profits, but it is still profitable for these smaller companies while saving a great deal of complications.

Agreement for three years ahead

The Lightning Box is currently negotiating with Microgaming’s Quickfire platform for up to three years of collaboration to give this publisher a long enough time to gain popularity and to attract potentially larger fish. The agreement will begin early next year and will last until 2021. So far, it seems that both parties are happy with the deal and believe they will bring them mutual success.

News arriving in Quickfire

Of course, on the platform that runs Microgaming, we also find a number of casino games from this publisher. It has already been announced beforehand that several titles that will be available for the Quickfire casino can be enjoyed. The biggest news is the automated Silver Lioness 4x game , which is scheduled for February next year. In Q1 2018, we’ll see two more games, so we can see that Microgaming thinks seriously with this idea and will continue to push it. We believe it will come out because it’s a great idea.

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